I'm Sarah. From New Hampshire. I enjoy music. Bassist and guitarist.

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a list of emotions i feel frequently

  • no
  • fall out boy
  • 4 am
  • lying face down on the floor
  • no shirt
  • what
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Anonymous: hey bb it's been awhile u ready 2 hop on dis dick o' mine


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Lmaooo omg

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"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"


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Robert Glenn, an inmate in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at Corcoran State Prison in California killed two inmates while in prison. He believes these murders were justified because both men were convicted rapists, one of whom was accused of raping his sister from the age of 8 to 14.

I never thought I would admire a murder

Did you know that in most criminals frown upon rapists and molesters  If they find out that they raped or molested a woman they usually treat them terribly like beating them up, or making them die. Criminals don’t even accept that.

Absolutely true, because if you think about it they have families and perhaps kids. If they find out you’re a child molester they are going to hate you.

Sometimes when child molesters go to jail, even the guards are lied to about what the molester did to go there. They sometimes make up a false crime to protect the molester from serious injury.

Ain’t it fucked up that even hardened criminals realise rape is fucking wrong no matter what, but there are some government officials that cannot?

that last fucking comment tho

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